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Empty Pool Covers in Brea

A Team Dedicated to Safety

When you need reliable and long-lasting solutions for your pool, Nathan’s Pool Fence offers quality empty pool covers in Brea. We have 16 years of experience promoting safety in our community with durable covers that prevent children and pets from getting hurt. When you empty your pool and wait to make a decision about covering it up permanently or using it again in the future, it’s essential that you prevent debris from building up or someone else from getting hurt. Begin protecting your pool today with our free estimates and same-day appointments.

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Why Should I Cover an Empty Pool?

It’s not uncommon to drain your pool for the winter, but as temperatures drop, a pool can crack, shrink, or rip because there’s no water to act as a protective barrier. Water also acts as a weight to keep your inground pool from lifting over time. However, there are some ways to maintain an empty pool in the winter with a pool cover. 

Using a safety net and leaf cover or another winter cover over an empty pool provides these benefits:

  • Prevent debris buildup
  • Maintain a safe temperature
  • Protect materials
  • Provide peace of mind

When you stop using your pool for any extended period of time, it’s essential that you have the peace of mind that the area is still safe and can be used later. Our expert empty pool cover installation in Brea help provide this peace of mind by protecting your loved ones from harm and maintaining the strength of your materials by keeping a higher temperature. Whether it’s an inground or above-ground pool, covering it from debris prevents this material from clogging your filter or pump or having water sit in these areas and freeze.

Trusted for a Reason

  • Upfront and Honest Pricing
    We have become recognized as the go-to experts on the best methods to keep your pool safe and secure for the lowest prices in town.
  • Over 15+ Years of Experience
    We move the entire process as smoothly as possible so you can focus on the things that are most important to you.
  • Safety First
    All of our systems have been tested and proven the most reliable on the market. This allows us to ensure our main mission: your safety.

Empty Pool Cover FAQ

You may have multiple questions about this investment and how it helps support your pool. Here are a few commonly asked questions about empty pool covers answered by our professionals.

How do I store a pool cover when I’m not using it?

Mesh and vinyl pool covers are easy to store. We recommend cleaning them after removal and letting them dry completely before folding them. Then they should be stored in an area safe from termites or animals, so it doesn’t become damaged while it isn’t used.

How often should a pool cover be replaced?

If you’re using an empty pool cover long-term, it won’t need to be replaced for about ten years. However, if there are holes or tearing, it should be replaced as soon as possible so it can reliably protect your pool.

Are there pool covers I can walk on?

While many pool covers are rated to hold hundreds of pounds, we don’t recommend walking over them often as it will reduce the life of the cover. However, many solid vinyl winter covers can be stepped on to retrieve a child or pet in an emergency.

Trust Nathan’s Pool Fence to adequately protect your empty pool, so it is safe when not in use. We have over a decade of experience providing empty pool cover installation in Brea to prevent tragedy. Don’t be a victim. Safety saves lives.

Ready for a sturdy and reliable pool cover? Call (714) 475-7573 to schedule your same-day appointment!

  • Professional, kind, knowledgeable, and cost efficient!

    "Nathans installed a pool fence as a requirement for foster parent licensing for me. He knew the state regulations for height and made the best recommendation for where to install the required gate. Highly recommended!"

    - Melissa P.
  • Respectful and professional.

    "Ismael was very helpful and easy to do business with. Attentive to detail, hardworking guy, and knowledgeable! Now I feel better knowing I have a reliable and safe fence around my pool. Once again thank you guys!"

    - Joe C.
  • I am 100% happy with my new fence!

    "I am 100% happy with my new fence placed by Nathan and his team. It is sturdy, well-assembled, and most importantly safe! Nathan and his team were complete professionals and patient with all my questions."

    - Yadira T.

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