Pool Fences FAQ

  • What are the different types of pool fencing?

    When selecting a fence for your pool, you have a variety of options to choose from.

    The most common types of pool fencing include:

    • Wrought iron
    • Glass
    • Chain link
    • Removable mesh
    • Wood
  • What type of pool fencing is the best?
    Removable mesh pool fencing is specially designed to meet the top safety recommendations for pool fencing, making it one of the best types of pool fencing. The mesh material is climb-resistant, making it extremely effective at keeping small children out of the pool area.
  • What are the benefits of mesh pool fences?

    Homeowners choose to install mesh pool fencing because of the many benefits it provides.

    These include:

    • It provides a clear view of your pool or spa
    • It is easily installed
    • It has holes and gaps that are too small for children to get a grip
    • It is extremely durable and long-lasting
    • It is fade- and stretch-resistant
    • It can be removed in a matter of minutes when it’s not needed
    • It is affordable
  • Do your pool fences have reliable gates?
    Our pool fences are equipped with state-of-the-art gates that have self-locking mechanisms. Even if you are in a rush or have your hands full, your gate will automatically lock automatically once it is closed. This increases the safety and security of your pool or spa.
  • How do I take care of my pool fence?
    Taking care of your pool fence is the best way to ensure longevity. We recommend using a mild soap, a bucket of water, and a soft bristle brush to gently clean your removable mesh fence.
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