Pool Covers FAQ

  • Are pool safety nets safe?
    Pool safety nets provide a reliable barrier against your pool and small children or pets. The holes in the nets are small enough to keep them afloat and prevent them from descending into the water, should they fall into the pool.
  • What are the benefits of pool safety nets?

    Many homeowners opt to install pool nets because they provide many great benefits. These include:

    • They are cost-effective
    • They are easily customized
    • They are simple to put on and take off by yourself
    • They deliver an unobstructed view of your pool or spa
    • They are highly durable and weather resistant
    • They meet safety codes
    • They are fade-, shrink-, and deterioration-resistant

    No matter the size or shape of your pool, a net can be customized to perfectly fit it.

  • When should I use my pool net?

    It is incredibly important that you remained diligent with your pool net. Your pool net should be completely in place any time your pool is not in use. This is the best way to prevent drowning accidents from occurring. Even if your kids are in bed or distracted by other activities, you want to make sure your pool is completely secure.

  • How long do pool nets last?

    When made with quality materials and handled carefully over the years, pool nets can last between 10 and 15 years.

  • Do pool nets interfere with pool maintenance?
    Pool maintenance is hardly affected by a net. While the net will need to be removed during the skimming process, it can often remain in place while vacuuming or performing chemical treatments.
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